The Hotel School’s Marketing Collatoral

Over a period of 6 months, I have been working closely with The Hotel School Sydney (THSS) and their General Manager – Julie Orton. Julie was in the process of updating THSS’s 2012 prospectus and asked me to produce a series of shots. Some would be used for advertising, marketing & even banner displays at special events.

Here is a selection of some of the work that Julie used.

Our beautiful concept shot for the Hotel School’s 2012 prospectus. This image was photographed & art directed by myself, collaborating with Bobby Rakich from Liquid Visual who provided the graphic design expertise. The image is all about conveying the idea that if you join the hotel school you have a multitude of career choices to follow, globally as you grow and learn.

Another conceptual shot, the client wants happy students interracting, while showcasing the amazing scenery just five minutes walk from the Hotel School.

One of many faculty portraits, the emphasis on being approachable, professional and happy.

Portrait of The Hotel School’s general manager – Julie Orton. We specifically chose this location because it had the right balance of natural backlighting to highlight Julie’s hair, bright/shade area in the background and some of the old stone cobble facade which is signature of THSS.


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